As a father and Boston Public Schools teacher, I see the importance of investing in high-quality and equitable public education. Unfortunately, this investment is not happening for all students within the Boston Public Schools system. As a member of the  Boston Teachers Union and co-chair of Black Lives Matter At School I have advocated for a budget that will help our cities youth have access to an education that can prepare them for their future goals. As a city councilor, I want to work with my union, local human rights groups, activists, parents, and students to demand a budget that brings equity to all students. With those groups I  will advocate for increased and equitable funding for all schools before the mayor finalizes their budget District 4 will no longer fight for the left over of the budget, but demand for a budget that provides for all students. We will no longer fight for reallocation, but the allocation of funds to support our learners so they can finally get the education they deserve.

As a former renter and current homeowner, I see the very real housing affordability challenges we have in District 4. As City Councilor, I will address housing affordability and tenants rights for renters while promoting programs that will increase homeownership, especially among people of color who have been systematically prevented from accessing financing for homes. 

Scientific research shows us that our current systems of production are unsustainable. These studies are full of threats and menacing time tables which predict massive destruction to our neighborhoods, businesses, and homes. However, these studies are also full of solutions. We have an opportunity to put Boston on a new course through a Green New Deal that pushes for carbon neutrality, sustainable energy, fare-free & reliable transportation, resilient infrastructure, and union green jobs.

Support our local businesses

As a board member of Fields Corner Main Streets, I see the structural needs to support small businesses -- the backbone of our community that employ our neighbors, and keep investments in our local economy, not in some corporate CEO’s pocket. As your City Council Member, I’ll make sure the needs of our small businesses are met to recover from this devastating pandemic. Small businesses are a way for communities to reinvest in themselves. COVID has shown us that Boston has the ability to provide capital and invest in small businesses to thrive not just survive. I will advocate for small businesses to have the ability to have more mentorship, better points of sales, marketing, and signage.