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Joel Richards is a proud Boston public school teacher, first-generation American, and union organizer. Joel is running on a platform that centers the lives of workers, renters, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, and our Black and POC communities.


District 4 deserves more. Our community deserves a City Council Member that will stand with the people and uplift their vision. This pandemic has exposed what many have known for too long, that our systems are failing us. With an open seat this is an opportunity to bring together working people of all backgrounds to build affordable housing for all, to invest in our small local businesses, to support our families affected by the opioid crisis, and to have a high-quality equitable school system. 

Our campaign is anchored on meeting the demands of our community to finally prioritize the people over the interests of corporations, big developers, and the legacy of white supremacy. Only through bringing together working people of all communities, we can put an end to massive inequality and rising gentrification. Our time is now, let’s meet the movement at City Hall.